Saudi Twitter Users Have To Pay One Of The Highest Rates In The World For A Blue Tick


Twitter users in Saudi Arabia are probably feeling the pinch in their pockets, as they are being charged a whopping $65 more than their American counterparts for the coveted blue tick.

Just to set the record straight, it’s organisations that have to pay more, and not your annoying neighbour with 10 followers on Twitter who wants a blue tick for himself.

Organisations in Saudi Arabia have to cough up $1,065.68 (4,000 Saudi Riyals) for the verified tick, while in the US, it’s $1,000.

No need to go that far to compare; even prices set in neighbouring countries like the United Arab Emirates are almost a sweet deal, with a verification fee of 3,700 dirhams, or $1,007, almost equivalent to the US cost. Fees for users in Kuwait, Egypt, and Morocco are also pretty similar.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s deadline for verified users to purchase a premium Twitter subscription or lose their blue tick verification already passed last week.

It’s like the Twitter version of “pay-to-play,” except you’re paying for the privilege of a blue tick.


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