Saudis Swarm To Twitter To Celebrate Johnny Depp’s Win On His Defamation Case

Hera Shabbir

The case of the year of Depp v. Heard has been going on for weeks now and the verdict was finally announced and Saudis rose to celebrate

Since the verdict was announced earlier today, the internet has been swarming with tweets and pictures celebrating the Actor’s success in the case. Depp sued Amber heard $50 million for defamation as Amber Heard counter sued the actor for $100 million calling his case a ‘hoax.’

Depp took the win and Saudis were more than happy as people made posters, quotes and pictures celebrating his victory

Johnny Depp has quite the reputation in the Kingdom as majority of his hit-movies make it big here. Fans were all posting memes and quotes from his famous masterpieces, especially ‘Pirates Of The Carribean.’

Some people also percieved the case as a victory for men struggling to communicate mental or physical abuse. As reported by The National, a doctor in Jeddah said “This brings out a lot of topics regarding mental health for men, which are often unheard of.” It is great to see that this case is considered an important movement not only for Johnny Depp’s fans, but also the world’s male community.

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