Thanks To This Project You’ll Soon Be Able To Get From Riyadh To Jeddah In A Jiffy

Hera Shabbir

Jeddah and Dammam both have their own unique attractions that prompts frequent commute between the two cities. People actually come from all over the world to Jeddah, as the city is close to two of the most holy sites in Islam. With this upcoming project, commuting across the country is going to be MUCH easier 🙌

The Saudi Landbridge Project is underway and connects Riyadh and Jeddah via train

Part of the Saudi Railways Organization’s railway expansion programme, this project is one of the biggest in the region with an estimated investment of $7 BILLION! It consists of of 950km of a rail between Riyadh and Jeddah.

It will also feature another 115km track between Dammam and Jubail 🚆

The route from jeddah to Riyadh would include a passenger train – 6 hours  and Freight train – 12 hours.  Dammam to Jubail’s passenger train would be 1 hour and a freight train would be around 3 hours.


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