The Crowd Went Absolutely WILD For Japanese Band JAM Project’s First Performance In Saudi

Hera Shabbir

Japan’s very own ‘JAM Project’ were in town at Jeddah Season last night and showcased their first official performance in the country

Jeddah Season’s Anime Village has become a central hub for all anime and Japanse culture lovers, and JAM Project was a dream come true for everyone. JAM Project is a famous Japanese band known for its anime soundtracks for hits like “Yu Gi Oh!” “Garbo,” “Cardfight!,” and “Cyborg 009.”

With thousands of people in attendance, anime fans enjoyed every second of cheering on the band and their favorite TV hits

JAM (Japanese Animation Maker) was actually founded back in the 2000’s, and has developed a huge fanbase in Saudi Arabia, as anime has a huge popularity in the Kingdom. After their performance, the band was even seen enjoying sightseeing in places like historical Jeddah.

Fans took to Twitter to post their experience and expressed the joy and awesome karaoke they got to enjoy at the concert

It was a memorable night for JAM Project’s fans as it was the perfect time for the anime community to get together


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