There’s Now A SR 500 Fine For Feeding The Baboons


You know those baboons that are found all across the country’s mountainous south? Well, you can no longer feed them, plus there’s an SR 500 fine if you do so.

The National Centre for Wildlife has thrown out a warning to all the peeps in Saudi: It’s a big no-no, and if you get caught, you’ll be slapped with a 500-riyal fine! Ouch!

But hold up, there’s a reason for this crackdown.

According to the Gulf News, they’re trying to handle the booming baboon population and make sure they don’t mess up the environment.

The centre has gone all-out to handle these baboons. They’ve done their homework, studying the root of the problem and figuring out where these cheeky baboons hang out the most.

It turns out that there are around 40,000 domesticated baboons roaming urban areas.

They’re gonna reduce the baboon numbers using legit scientific best practises from all over the globe.

Sterilisation is on the table, and they’re even running awareness campaigns to keep everyone in the loop.

So next time you’re going on a trip to Taif or Abha, don’t think of stopping by to feed the baboons that often line busy highways.


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