These Are The Best Free Beaches In Jeddah To Visit In 2024


If you’re kicking it in Jeddah, and if there is one thing that you definitely make time for, it’s the city’s picturesque coastline. Jeddah residents will tell you that a trip to Jeddah isn’t complete without a visit.

The coast is peppered with public beaches that are absolutely free to swim in, so here are the best of the best. So go ahead and work on your tan and unleash your inner sandcastle architect!

1. Kokiyan Beach

It’s the newbie on the scene, and while you can chill by the beach for free, snagging a chair will cost you—the prices start at SR 30. It’s mostly full on the weekends anyway, so you won’t find free chairs or tables to grab. The best part is that the facilities are top-notch for all your changing and shower needs.


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2. Al-Saif Beach

Now, this spot isn’t exactly prime for swimming, but it’s perfect for leisurely strolls along the shore or setting up a cosy picnic with your nearest and dearest.

3. Shoaiba Beach

For those craving a bit more adventure, Shoaiba Beach is where it’s at. Don’t forget your snorkelling gear, as the waters here are really rich in terms of marine life. Plus, you’ve got this gorgeous shipwreck just off the coast—it’s like straight out of a postcard.


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4. Khaleej Salman

If you’ve got little ones in tow, Khaleej Salman Beach is your go-to. With shallow waters and sand practically begging to be that’s primed for epic sandcastles, it’s a kiddo dream. Plus, the gentle tides mean you can relax without worrying about any rough waves crashing that GORG sandcastle you just built.


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5. KAEC Beach

Okay, this is technically not in Jeddah, but it’s been included here anyway, as the beaches here are so beautiful that they just couldn’t have been left out. KAEC is home to private beaches, but if you’re not willing to shell out a lot for a little swim, then check out the free public beaches of the city—one of the best ones is located on Amwaj Street.


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