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These Zones Of Jeddah Season Are Still Open Even After It Has Officially Ended

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Jeddah Season may have ended on the 30th of June but to the surprise of many a few zones of it are still running and why shouldn’t they be we’re still in the midst of summer! There were obviously a lot of places to visit during Jeddah Season and if you haven’t visited these ones then now’s the time cause their only open for a few weeks more.

1. Jeddah Jungle

The place is home to 1,000 species of wild creatures and more than 200 species of rare birds. The best part is that everything has been kept open, including the safari, which was a big draw here.

Last Day: 31st July


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2. Jeddah Waves

If you’re looking for adrenaline pumping water sports including some that have been brought for the very first time to the country then this is the perfect place for you. Although the rides might be pricy, this is one of the few zones where both children and adults can expect to have a great time.

Last Day: 17th July

3. The Village

It’s one of the last zones in Jeddah Season to be thrown open to the public and maybe that’s why it’s continuing even after it ended. There’s so much for the little ones to do here that you’ll probably be inundated with demands from them to come back long after it’s over!

Last Day: 21st July

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