This Rock Contains A Naturally-Formed Picture Of The Arabian Peninsula That Looks Super Cool

Hera Shabbir

This awesome rock was found 19 years ago by soldiers on their travels along the southern border of the Kingdom

It is mentioned that this drawing of the peninsula is entirely natural, and formed by erosion and other natural factors. These are one of the many natural wonderrs in Saudi Arabia.

Abdulaziz Al Maliki was one of the soldiers that came across this rock 19 years ago

He stated that he found the rock near a valley in the village of Sakhwan, in Makkah. He had then presented the rock to the Geological Survey, who then issues a certificate proving the nature and components of the rock. A large sum of money was offered to him by fans to purchase the rock, but Abdulaziz refused.

The rock itself weighs a total of 18 kilograms and looks HUGE

However, Abdulaziz did not mind displaying this natural phenomenon in museums to the public. He only got the chance to display and properly publish this rock until recently, after his retirement from the southern border.


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