This Video Of Saudi Students’ Victory At The ISEF Fair Is The Most Exciting Thing You’ll See This Week

Hera Shabbir

Saudi students recently took home 6 awards in the International Science and Engineering Festival in Georgia, United States

This video of the announcement displays the happiness and excitement felt by these hardworking students, and it is honestly the most amazing thing to see.

Because the Kingdom had outshone in many categories, it was also announced that these students had won the MOST awards at the festival

Six students, out of which 3 were Saudi nationals, were granted scholarships for an international enrichment program under Mawhiba. As reported by Arab News, some names of these awards included Abdullah Al-Ghamdi for two prizes in energy, Dana Al-Aithan for a prize in chemistry, Tahani Adel for materials, Maria Al-Ghamdi in chemistry, and Yousef Khoja in embedded systems.

Supporters rose to social media to congratulate and celebrate the victory of these students.

These students have really made Saudi or showcasing their unique talents and capabilities


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