Thousands Of People Came Out For ‘Jeddah Moves’ Run Last Week And It Looked Amazing

Hera Shabbir

In attempt to promote health awareness and benefits of running, Jeddah Moves hosted thousands of runners in a citywide day of activity.

On Saturday December 18, 2021, different roads and areas in the city were transformed into tracks
 for the one-day event. Organized with Jeddah Municipality, the 5-10km tracks stretched across the 
city in areas like Lulu Square, Al-Yamama, Al Hamdaniya, and few more. The main track however was 
in the Jeddah Waterfront, where majority gathered just minutes before the event.  Participants from 
children, to people with different abilities, and even the elderly took part in this health movement.


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The initiative aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle in accordance to the Kingdom’s Quality of Life Program.

It was an attempt to exhibit the benefits of movement and running, also giving residents
the opportunity to gather with their loved ones on the weekend.


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The event took place on December 18, 2021, and also included a 1km route for children aged 5-12.


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