Watch: Two Boys Fall Off A Cliff While Playing Football In Saudi


Two young men had a harrowing experience during a football match in Saudi Arabia’s Bani Malik village in the Jazan Province. They accidentally fell off a cliff while playing. The incident was captured on video, and it quickly became a viral sensation on social media.

The football match took place as part of a local friendly tournament called the “Eastern League.”

The teams were playing on a precarious pitch located about 1,500 metres above sea level. This narrow pitch, measuring 50 metres in length and 15 metres in width, barely accommodated the five players from each team.

Plus, it had no barricades near the cliff face.

According to the Gulf News, both players, Khaled Hayyan Hatroush and Abdul Rahman Khasen Jubran, escaped without any injuries. It really is a miracle that they were unharmed.
To top it all off, they continued with the match, ultimately leading their team to victory!


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