WATCH: Diners Panicked As Massive Waves Hit A Seaside Resto In Jeddah


Waves took over a Jeddah Corniche restaurant due to weather conditions in the Kingdom this week, and Trend Saudi shared the clip on their Instagram account. According to the post, the waves had even reached the main road; which was quickly closed off by traffic patrols and motorists were redirected to switch directions and drive using alternative routes.

The scenes of waves taking over shows how it splashed to the seaside restaurant with force



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. أمواج البحر تجتاح كورنيش #جدة وتصل إلى الطريق الرئيس الذي أغلقته دوريات المرور بسبب المياه وطلبت من قائدي المركبات تحويل مسارهم إلى شوارع أخرى

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