Yayy! Jeddah Will Soon Have Water Taxis All Along Its Coast


Jeddah’s public transportation is getting super fancy. According to a report in the Saudi Gazette, the Jeddah Mayoralty is rolling out a plan to set up 20 swanky water taxi stations, each capable of handling around 29,000 passengers every day. No more pesky traffic when travelling along the coast!

These state-of-the-art seawater taxis will connect the Obhur Creek with the bustling northern and central parts of Jeddah.

This, along with the recently upgraded bus transport system in the city that’s even got electric buses and fully air-conditioned bus stops, will take Jeddah’s public transportation game to a league of its own.

With the city’s population booming and tourists flocking in, this is just what the city needed.

Speaking of public transport, the city is undertaking dozens of projects to ease traffic in the city, one of the highlights of which is a new highway that will link the northern part of the city to Makkah directly! It’s all part of a big vision that’s set to keep Jeddah’s traffic in check beyond 2030.

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