You Have To Check Out These 5 Cultural Centers Around The Kingdom

Hera Shabbir

If you’re a curious mind and would like to learn about the culture and history of the Kingdom then this list of culture centers is a must-have

These centers take learning about the Kingdom to the next level. It’s not the typical reading a book and researching a concept type of learning, but rather an interactive experience that you definitely you won’t forget for a while. From unique installations, stunning museums, and even virtual tours, these culture centers are totally changing the education game.

1. Saudi National Museum

The Saudi National Museum is located in Riyadh, and takes you on a journey through centuries of historical culture and art dating back to the Stone Age up until present day. You can even visit the museum virtually and see it from inside through here!

2. King Abdulaziz Cultural Center

This famous spot, located in Saudi Aramco,  is also known as Ithra Museum. It has a rocket-shaped modern exterior that was built using steel pipes. Ali Al-Mutairi stated that this center is a place where ideas and dreams take off. Visit the center’s website to know more about this gem, and make sure to visit the Enrichment Library!

3. Al Tayyibat Museum

Curious about Jeddah’s culture and civilization? The Tayebat Museum takes you on a journey exploring the history of the region, as you wander among the sculptures depicting traditional Hejazi architecture in the old city. Make sure your camera is fully charged for this one!

4. Scitech Technology Center

Also located in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, this place is the central hub for all science lovers. The Scitech Technology Center presents an interactive show for you and all your family members. You can see the unique marine-life inside their stunning aquariums, contemplate the stars and planets, and learn about the future role of technology in our daily lives.

5. Dar Al-Medina Museum

The museum allows you to explore the interesting history and culture of Medina.  The Dar Al-Madina Museum contains models depicting Medina in different eras and ancient monuments, including the arch of Saad bin Abi Waqqas, a skilled archer back in the day, and an exhibition on the history of the Prophet’s Mosque.


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