You Need To Check Out These Fascinating Before And After Pictures Of Makkah

Hera Shabbir

Makkah has always been a central hub for hundreds of Muslims all over the world. From migrating on foot, camels, and caravans has now turned to just an hour flight away. The city has evolved drastically over the years and these pictures exhibit exactly that. Scroll through for a journey through time in one of the most prominent cities in the Kingdom.

This is what Masjid Al Haram looked like back in 1887

That’s right guys, the Holy Mosque used to be that empty back in the day, which is now crowded from corner to corner! This is what Masjid Al Haram looks like today, and let’s just say it evolved in NUMEROUS ways.

This is what Makkah city looked like in 1887

The city is now lit up with lights all over and extends for kilometers outside Masjid Al Haram!

Here’s what Mina looked like back in 1887

The place now has hundreds of tents lined up on both the western and eastern side of the city and can house hundreds of thousands of Hajj pilgrims.

Lastly, here’s a major throwback of Mount Arafat in 1887

Mount Arafat welcomes thousands of pilgrims during the month of Hajj. From the looks of the picture above, crowds were still at a minimal once compared to the recent picture in 2023.


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