Your Next Morning Coffee From Starbucks Could Be Made With Saudi-Grown Beans


2022 has been earmarked as the “Year Of Saudi Coffee” by the Ministry of Culture. With the year almost drawing to a close, it’s going to end on a good note for Saudi coffee as Starbucks has shown interest in it. Yes, Starbucks!

A delegation from Starbucks visited the Jazan region of Saudi Arabia, which is where some of the finest Saudi coffee grows, especially one called the Khawlani.

Arab News reported that the delegation was accompanied by members of the Saudi Public Investment Fund, Ministry of Investment, the Saudi Coffee Company and Alshaya Group—this sounds super promising already.

The discussion looked at the feasibility of investing in and introducing high-quality Saudi coffee beans into “Starbucks Reserve” coffee shops worldwide.

Oh and BTW, the Saudi coffee fest that drew thousands in Riyadh has opened in Jeddah this weekend at the Superdome and entry is free.

You can probably try the prized Khawlani coffee here before it makes its way to Starbucks.




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