YouTuber Drew Binsky Picks Saudi As His Honeymoon Destination


Saudi Arabia was the last country YouTuber Drew Binsky visited as part of his epic trip to visit every country on the planet. Looks like he loved it so much that he recently picked it as his honeymoon getaway.

Drew Binsky’s honeymoon journey in Saudi Arabia was nothing short of extraordinary.

From exhilarating moments like gaining access to the cockpit of a Saudi Airlines plane to wandering through the labyrinthine streets of Al-Balad, he experienced the best Saudi Arabia has to offer.

Drew took his viewers along as he discovered lesser-known spots in Jeddah, including the bustling fish market and the captivating Al-Shafei mosque.

Of course there’s that visit to City Walk, ‘cus how can that not be on your itinerary when it’s open?


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