11 Pretty Legit Reasons Why Taif Is One Of The Best Places To Live In Saudi


A summer favorite for many, the beautiful town of Taif nestled high up in the mountains makes for an excellent place to live as well. We tell you why.

1. Just look at how beautiful it is.

Sitting at a height of around 6,000 feet, 

2. Unlike any other major city in the country, Taif enjoys pleasant weather for much of the year.

No wonder it is the unofficial summer capital of the country.

3. It rains regularly as well.

Something most of us living in Saudi miss out on.

4. Sure they don’t have the beach but they have these amazing parks to jog, walk or even picnic in.

Of course, if you get bored of the parks, then there is always the scenic surroundings that you can go to.

5. Oh and the fresh produce – they deserve an article on their own.

Taif was historically the food basket of Arabia and still accounts for much of its fruit production.

6. Makkah is just over an hour away.

So you can visit Masjid Al Haram in a jiffy.

7. To reach Makkah you will have to go over a road like this from Taif.

A marvel of engineering.

8. It has rich history as well.

From forts dating to the pre-Islamic era to rich palaces of the 20th century, the city has splendid tales of the past to share.

9. The city is growing rapidly.

King Salman announced earlier this year SR11bn worth of new projects in Taif that will create loads of jobs and give a major boost to the economy.

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10. The cost of living is pretty cheap too.

You can probably get an independent villa for the price of what you pay in cities like Jeddah or Riyadh for a 3-bedroom flat.

11. Have you heard of the mysterious Taif roses? 

That’s reason enough…

From rose waters, perfumes and other produces created with these Taif roses, one would never sniff or admire any other rose once whiffing this up. 


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