7 Reasons Why Jeddahwis Have Got To Start Visiting Dhaban Marine Park


It opened years ago but many in Jeddah haven’t even heard about it.

Dhaban is known for its lip-smacking seafood and plentiful istrahas (resorts) that are thronged by Jeddah residents over the weekend. There, however, happens to be a place in Dhaban that cost millions to build, is spread over an area of a whopping 110,000 square meters and for some reason has been out of the radar of Jeddahwis.

We visited it recently and it was way beyond our expectations, so let us give you 7 reasons why you probably should visit the place this weekend.

1. It is amazing for walking just like Jeddah’s walkways except here you’ll be doing it by the sea

They even have a few exercise equipment spread over various areas in case you want to do more than just walking or jogging

2. There are two children’s recreation areas in the place

So the entire family can have a great time

3. Just look at the landscaping

No wonder it cost SAR 38 million to build

4. Think of it like a sized up version of Al Saif beach

Except here there is more privacy

5. Unlike most beaches in Jeddah, you can actually have a barbeque here

Well, at least at the time of writing this article you could

6. It sits just about an hour away from Jeddah

Though the road leading to it may not be the friendliest especially at night

7. And, entry is just 7.5 Riyals

Inclusive of VAT!


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