Get To Know The Young Saudi Designer Who Creates All Her Minimalist Designs By Hand


A fresh new designer has emerged in the Kingdom filled with an extensive list of skilled creatives. Twenty-three year old Hasna Baker is the owner of an online store called Tangles and she was recently featured by Arab News too.

Let’s get to know her.

Baker designs tees with symbol that each reflects a deeper meaning

The black and white shirts are usually equipped with an intricately-drawn symbol or letter. Each design has its own meaning to Baker, an idea that spurted thanks to the inspiration of a deck of cards.

“Each symbol on a playing card has a deeper meaning, and I decided it would be a good place to start,” Baker told Arab News.

The designs on each shirt are ALL hand drawn

Baker’s designs consist of graphic-looking printed tees, except they’re not actually printed but hand-drawn by Baker herself.

The designer told Arab News that although she could have easily created the designs digitally, the flaws that come with doing the former just felt more authentic and individualised.

The feel of her designs are ‘minimalist’ at most

Simple, clean yet eye-grabbing.

The clothing sold on Tangles official Instagram page is available to both men and women

Unisex clothing for the win!


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