5 AMAZING Festivals Taking Place Across Saudi Right Now


The weather is amazing so it makes complete sense that everyone is feeling like they need to go out and about and do something fun.

Worry not, there are a LOT of fun things happening across the Kingdom

Here are 5 of the big ones coming up real soon.

1. Khzam Festival

Taking place in Riyadh, this super fun festival has more than 50 (!!!) food trucks, cafes, musical events, poetry evenings, as well as horse and camel tracks. AND there is paintball.

Details here.

2. X JED

Because Jeddah’s corniche is EVERYTHING. This waterfront festival features live performances, a theater for entertaining shows, restaurants, and more.

Details here.

3. Last Summer

This cultural, educational, and entertaining event in Khobar has been designed to reflect by the Greek city of Mykonos and it is almost as good as the real thing.

That’s not all – a blood donation drive to help the soldiers protecting the homeland is also ongoing. Win-win!

Details here.

4. Jeddah Global Village

Coming to Jeddah for the first time ever, the festival combines culture, tourism, and lots of entertainment.

Details here.

5. The Marvel Experience KSA

Superhero fanatics in Jeddah, there is an AMAZING interactive 3D show going on about Marvel that you do not want to miss out on.

Details here.


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