5 Authentic Saudi Restaurants That Are Perfect For Getting A Taste Of Local Cuisine


Saudi Arabia has no shortage of foreign cuisine and somehow its own traditional cuisine got sidelined over the years. But now things are changing and restaurants catering authentic Saudi food are springing up. What was once narrowed down to Grandma’s kitchen is finally coming to the mainstream.

Here are our picks on the best Saudi restaurants from around the country.

Aseil, Jeddah

The interior is such that you feel that you are in one of the old houses of Al Balad. Items that were part of Saudi life back in the day adorn its walls. The menu is pretty long and you have many options to choose from including traditional favorites like Matazeez, Aesh Belaham and Sayidiyah Fish, which you can enjoy while relishing on the non-stop rounds of Saudi coffee and dates.

Bialah, Riyadh

A contemporary take on Saudi cuisine, the food here is made to appeal to a wide variety of tastes. The live cooking stations just help make the food look even more scrumptious. Overall, a great place to start for those who want to delve into the world of Saudi cuisine.

Alromansiah, Various Cities

Though some foods here are not exactly authentic Saudi, it does have a decent amount of authentic Saudi delicacies like Jareesh and Qursan alongside other Arab favorites. So if you don’t have a Saudi restaurant in the city that you are residing then you can always head here as they have their branches all around the Kingdom.

Najd Village, Riyadh

Najd has its own character that is amazingly embodied in this restaurant that is good enough to act as a museum as well (a branch has antique cars surrounding it). Expect some of the finest Najd specialties served here along with specialties from other regions in Saudi. You can even have a private tent-like room all to yourself.

Tabuk Zaman , Tabuk

The restaurant is run by women and has amazing delicacies on offer. The food is reasonably priced so you can get to try multiple dishes at once without burning a hole through your wallet. Also, the restaurant is pretty much run by women – this is as authentic as it gets.



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