5 Unusual Ice Creams You’ve Got To Try In Jeddah


It’s always ice cream season in Jeddah; it just never gets too cold here. There’s a lot of them out there and there are some that have taken cool (or should I say delicious) creative liberties on ice creams and have come up with some unique offerings.
Here are our picks:

1. Ice Colors

The place is compact, so plan on taking a detour here if you find yourselves in the neighborhood. Ideally, if you’re tired of the regular chocolate, vanilla, butter scotch et all, this is the first spot that you should be hitting. Ice Colors has got the packaging so right that it’s almost like it’s made for the gram! They serve ice creams inside fruits here like pineapples, coconuts and melons. Oh gosh, I feel like going there already.

Location: Al Salamah Dist.


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2. Sloan’s Ice Cream

This is a wonderland for the ever-hungry for frozen treats kind of people, especially made for those days where one scoop just won’t cut it. They’ve got the regulars here but wait till you see their HUGE Kitchen Sink Sundae – your sweet tooth will be satiated for a long time after this (. It can surely replace your next birthday cake!
Location: Red Sea Mall

3. Sub Zero

When only soft serve would suffice, Sub Zero vastly improves on certain old favorites. Their creative toppings take the regular soft serves to a whole new level. Just what you need to get your sugar rush on.

Location: Prince Sultan Rd.

4.Ice Cream Afghan

The first time I entered here, I remember meeting with the two old Afghani men who brought this age-old ice cream making tradition with them to Saudi Arabia. They’ve been running the place for almost 25 years now. Priced at SAR 5, the handmade ice cream is served with creamy syrup, rosewater and a dash of ground pistachio.

Location: Behind Souq Al Khaima, near King Khalid Road.


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5. Rolls and More

The store doesn’t strive to wow you with an Instagram-worthy interior design or edible glitter toppings. However, the ice cream is manufactured right in front of your eyes, with the liquid mixture being churned to integrate air gaps in an ice pan. When it hits the pan, it freezes and is formed into smooth, semisolid ice cream rolls. Though this location has been offering rolled ice cream for quite some time, the trend has yet to catch on in the city, which we find surprising given how delicious it is.

Location: Al Moalifeen St.


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