6 Food Trucks In Saudi That Are Totally Worth The Drive


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Food trucks have a way of making people feel nostalgic about the simple, beautiful parts of our past. For one, they might remind you of the ice-cream trucks that jingled a song, calling out all the neighbourhood children. 

Other reasons to love food trucks is that it’s faster, more convenient for when you’re hungry but don’t want just ANYTHING, and the atmosphere is unlike any other.

Especially at a park during the wee hours of the night, or when you’re driving by and need to make a pit stop for snacks. 

If you’re a foodie like us, and a food truck appreciator- then you should check out these WILD options all over Saudi…

1. She Station, Al Khobar 

Make no mistake, this adorable, swanky lookin’ apartment from the inside is actually a dine-in foodtruck. Our main suggestion is to try out their BBQ burger. 


For more information (location, prices, etc), contact: 560 911 690

2. The 60 Pasta, Riyadh

Saudi food trucks don’t play. A lot of the food trucks in the Kingdom give you the option to actually dine in, except inside the truck. But it’s up to you wether you want to do that or eat the natural ‘food truckers‘ way, out in the park on felt grass or in your car.

If you’re a pasta lover, then this is definitely the truck for you. Although their location isn’t certain, they’re also available for private events for hire. Otherwise, you can call ahead and check where they’ll be located around the city.

Oh and P.S, your pasta will be served in a bread bowl. No basic zone, guys. 

For more information, contact: 056 824 7558

3. Dr. Fele, Jeddah 

Craving sweets, chocolate or fruits dipped in the latter? Look no further, Dr. Fele will curb your cravings. 

This truck offers the yummiest mini pancakes, amongst other specialties. Oh and everyone that makes the treats, are dressed in medical uniforms because, you know, branding.

Either way, this truck is a must-try if you’re in Jeddah!

Location: Prince Sultan Street, Mall-side (Available weekends only)

You may contact them via their Instagram page, through Direct Messages.

4. Baozi, Riyadh

The public’s favorite, these bao buns are to die for! Suggestion for you to try is the loca chicken and Mr. Pablo.

Location: Here.

For more information, contact: 053 923 9984

5. The Exit Diner, Al Khobar

The Exit Diner is one of those nighttime gems you can always rely on, a must for Khobarians.

Suggestions: Philly Cheese Chicken.

Location: (All trucks open after Maghrib prayer to 12am)

Truck 1 – Opposite Mercure Al Khobar

Truck 2- Al Olaya vegetable market 

Truck 3- DAMMAM soon! 

For more info, you may contact them on their Instagram page via Direct Messages.

6. Sateology, Jeddah

Something other than burgers for a food truck, Sateology offers a delightful range of satés, rice and fries. We hear the saté tastes out-of-this-world amazing but of course, check it out for yourself. 

For more information, you may contact them on: 055 550 9155

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