6 Beautiful And Luxurious Lounges To Try Out For Your Ultimate Exclusive Experience in Saudi..


Saudi is a home to many outdoor and indoor lounges as we love to immerse ourselves in either weekday morning coffee with colleagues, an engaging evening with a friend, an int’l  business meeting or a romantic light dinner out with a loved one.

Here are few luxurious lounges you can try out this week…

1. Turquoise Lounge, Ritz Carlton Riyadh

Location : Riyadh

This is one exquisite place to indulge your senses away from the bustling city of Riyadh. You can choose from premium cigars to customized drinks by Mixologist, sounds fancy? Because it is…

Favorite : Single Origin Cold Brew Coffee, dripped over eight hours in a drip tower.

Medium Bodied Cigar Romeo Y Julieta, Churchills Dominant woodiness, with some hints of leather and cocoa bean

Must Try : Vanilla and strawberry crème puff, Almond orange tart, Passion fruit Bon Bon, Walnut brownie valrhona mousse

Timings 4 PM on wards

Age : 18 years and Above 

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2. Il Café, Assila Hotel

Location : Jeddah

This hidden gem in jeddah is superb for hosting business meetings in weekdays and unwind with friends on weekends. The cozy, colorful interior with bookcase filled with books and board games makes it extremely relaxing. Especially if you love to read! You can have Italian patisseries, panini, home made cakes and traditional afternoon tea.


Favourite :  Assorti di Formaggi, Selection of cheeses with grapes, crackers & Italian “mostarda” (SAR 55)


Must try :  Burger Americano, 200g of freshly ground beef, Italian bun, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce & relish ( SAR 110)


Afternoon Tea : From 3.00pm until 8.00pm

Shisha : 5 PM – 2 AM

 A la Carte Menu 7.00am – 3.00am

3.El Capitolio, Burj Kempenski Riyadh

This is a must visit place for Riyadians. It gives a breathtaking view of Riyadh’s skyline.

Located at the 4th floor of the hotel – A touch of luxury yet comfortable atmosphere makes it a truly relaxing and even a romantic place to hangout.

The seating is quite stylish  so you can do late evening business meetings too.

Favorite : Japanese style syphon coffee infused with Cohiba

Must Try : Creative variety of mocktails, the premium cigars!

Price : 175 per person

Menu – A la carte

Mon – Sun 12:00 PM – 02:00 AM

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4. Chocolate Lounge, Sofitel Al-Khober 

This is an ultimate place for all chocolate lovers! They also have a gluten free and a vegetarian menu.

Favorite : Raspberry Éclair, mocktails

Price  : 80.00 SAR per person 

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5.Shalimar, Shaza Al Madina

Shaza Al Madina is a stunningly luxurious hotel with splendid Islamic architecture. Shalimar is a contemporary lounge where visitors and pilgrims can enjoy themed tea arrangeed around prayers of the day.. Like gentle jasmine tea for Isha prayer and Black tea for Fajr prayers…for some strange reason, every tea perfectly feels right after each prayer..

Their popular mocktail menu is unparalleled in the city..

Must Try : Arabic Desserts Kunafa and special afternoon tea to unwind in the Holy City. 



6.Vicolli Lounge, Khober 

If you are bored in Saturday evening, and pretty much nothing to look forward, Vicolli lounge would be a great place to energize yourself. The Italian and French luxury themed café and classic interiors almost Victorian era type  will knock you out   of boredom. The Terrence area is perfect for a morning coffee too.

Must Try : Dynamite shrimp and fresh alads, ink baked pasta

Favorite : Spicy chicken salad, caramelized omelette  and Desert churros

Time : 8AM–11:30PM

Which one would you  try first?


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