Sweet Potato Fries: The Top 5 Places In Saudi That’ll Satisfy That Potato Craving


Although the salt and crisp of regular french fries seem incomparable, finding the perfect sauce to the sweetest potato chips is still another level of potato-ness. Yes, we went there.  It’s in the deceiving crispy yet sweet tastes as you bite, then the dipping sauce that adds to the whole equation. 

If you’re a sweet potato lover, (trying to be healthy), or just want to try something new. 

Here are the five spots in Saudi to curb those cravings: 

1. The Counter Burger, Jeddah

This burger joint is a well-known one in Jeddah, and for good reason. They use top of the line quality ingredients that will melt in one’s mouth. 

Glorious sweet potatoes are a popular side- dish choice here

2. Burger Fuel, Riyadh

Along with the beloved CN Cheeseburger + a coke + and their AIOLI dip = YUM

3. SALT, Khobar

I mean… #potatogoals

Throw in a milkshake too!

4. Johnny Rockets, Khobar

Simple but an effective cure to cravings. Mmmm.

5. Mooyah Burgers, Riyadh

For an eatery to have their ‘specialty dish’ name as their brand, Mooyah sticks true to tis core and delivers. THE BEST BURGERS in the Kingdom. 

But alongside these burgers, the demand for their sweet potato fries pretty much levels with. Try it, you won’t regret.


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