The Top 5 Healthy Restaurants In Jeddah You Need To Start Going More Often


Who says that you have to stop eating outside if you want to eat healthily?

These restaurants here will give you that amazing dining out experience that you wait for all week and are also pretty delectable at the same time.

Boga Super Foods

This place isn’t just healthy as most of it is organic as well. So have those sandwiches, salads and fresh juices without feeling guilty at all. While you are there don’t forget to try their peanut butter sandwich topped with strawberry jam and their famed soberro salad.

Fire Grill

This may not be exactly the kind of place you’ll think of when you think of “healthy” but if you build your meal right, you may just as well end up with an ostentatious “healthy” meal.

Moon Shell

Vegans are going to love this place. The food is not only delicious to eat but is darn good to look at as well. Those fresh veggies and colourful fruits will keep you coming back here for more. Gorge on those freshly churned smoothies while you are there.


Sinless has come a long way from being a stall like outlet in homegrown market to the full-blown restaurant that it is today. As you step inside you’ll feel that it is exactly like what you’d expect of healthy restaurants to be like giving you the calm ambience and pleasing aesthetics to cosy up in. The food here is not entirely healthy but they do have several healthy options that you could relish on.

Healthy Corner

The prices are a bit higher than elsewhere, but this small cosy resto has the taste to keep you hooked. After finishing your scrumptious meal here, you’ll want to take back with you some of the wide range of imported confectionery that they sell.


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