It Snowed In Saudi Arabia Over The Weekend And The Photos Are Amazing


It seldom snows in Saudi Arabia and when it does we love it almost 10 times more than those who are used to it would probably do. It is a desert after all and seeing snow in the desert is a thing many couldn’t have even imagined had it not been for the internet.

This weekend, Jabal Al Lawz that lies to the north of Tabuk witnessed a considerable amount of snowfall. Twitter and Instagram seemed to love it and so did we. And, just to show you how caring we are we have compiled some of its best pics here.

Check them out for yourself.

Just to reassure you, here is the date mentioned in snow

It looked something like this

Tea anyone?

Photographers didn’t want to miss the chance

Some locals celebrated the snowfall like this

You think people won’t come here once they know that it is snowing?

This doesn’t even look like Saudi Arabia

This video pretty much sums it


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