The Italian Supercup Tickets Are SOLD OUT But Hopeful Football Fans Are Still Searching On Twitter


It’s barely been one week since tickets for the upcoming Italian Supercup have gone on sale yet not one seat remained available on the ticketing’s official website.

In just nine days, two teams from Torino and Milan, are coming to Jeddah to play the 2019 ‘Supercoppa Italiana’ between the Series A champions, Juventus, and AC Milan.

Thirty Italian Super Cups have already been to 5 different countries across the globe and been seen live by more than 1.2 million viewers.

(Image Credits: Instagram/ @juventus & @acmilan)

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The entire King Abdullah Sports City stadium with a capacity of 62,345 people SOLD OUT in three hours

Actually, the fan craze was so hyped among the Kingdom’s football fans that not one ticket managed to stay after three hours of the sale going live on Saudi Tickets.

Saudis are BIG on football, with the Kingdom’s cities often united yet a little divided on the local teams they support. But one thing’s for sure, the international football scene is on a whole other realm and one that’s NOT to miss.

There was even a queue where thousands of people kept their browsers waiting

…hoping to get a chance on any seats at the stadium.

Some managed to get lucky

Others, not so much

‘A chance I will never see my team here and I cant attend the game because of the silly ticketing system and if they tied the ticket to ID it would be better but unfortunately..”

The grind don’t stop though as people still quest the internet for unwanted tickets

Using certain hashtags on the match, peeps who didn’t get to purchase a ticket online might still be able to snag some off of Twitter.

These tickets could be from peeps who no longer can go or might re-sell their own tickets for a higher price.

The hustle is real though and the quench for literally ANY ticket is evident in these Twitter rants and advertisements.

There’s a couple of tickets being re-sold by residents on Twitter

The match is only NINE days away

The most-anticipated match will take place in Jeddah’s Al-Jawhara Stadium. Both teams are currently coming into the Kingdom with 7 trophies but only one of the two will go back with the 8th.

And yes, boys and girls, the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo will be in Saudi Arabia to partake in this.


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