People Flocked To Sahm Night In Riyadh And 17,000 Tickets Were Sold Out In 2 Hours Onllly?


Riyadh season is known for its variable events, concerts, and surprises, as it presented a concert of the most famous singers in Pakistan this weekend, as well as planning more Arabic and Gulf concerts.

Riyadh season features charming nights including, the Saudi musician, Sahm, along with the best Gulf and Arabic singers.

It is noteworthy that, the musician “Saham” has earned his wide popularity throughout the last 10 years, for the musical works he made for the most famous artists of the Arab world such as Rabeh Saqr, Abdul Majeed Abdullah, Asala, Rashed Al-Fares, Nawal Al Kuwaitiya, Asmaa Lmnawar, and many more.

How was Sahm Night in Jeddah?

Sahm night of Jeddah season was an incredible night, where we watched the musician, Sahm while overseeing the concert’s details and attending rehearsals to ensure presenting the best concert ever.

Audience Enthusiasm

Since Sahm enjoys wide popularity, fans were very excited about his melodies. The concert’s tickets went on sales yesterday at 9:00 PM at the selling points in Riyadh and 11:00 PM on the website. Therefore, Twitter was abuzz with people’s engagements and enthusiasm to buy the concert tickets, especially in the kingdom mall and crown plaza hotel.

17,000 tickets were sold out in 2 hours only!

Upon the sale opening of the concert’s tickets starting from SR 175 to SR 1200, all were surprised that the tickets were sold out in 2 hours only.

Turki al-sheikh, chairman of GEA, wrote on Twitter that it is the most in-demand concert they have ever seen.





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