The Top 10 Breakfast Spots In Jeddah That Are Exactly What You Need To Kick Start Your Mornings


Stuck in a rut ordering from the same places for breakfast every morning? There are TOO many good breakfast joints in Jeddah to not be at least a little bit adventurous.

10. Mugg & Bean

If you’re looking for a classic continental breakfast then this is the place that you should head to. Needless to say, the coffee here is absolutely amazing.

9. Knead Bakery

Just the vibes to kick start your day, this is one place that has all the ingredients to make it your go-to breakfast spot. Good food, amazing ambiance and of course a plethora of freshly baked goodies.

8. Amara Terrace

Breakfast with a view. The place is incredibly ‘gram worthy and so it the food.  We highly recommend the French toast and egg benedict here.

7. Paul

You’ve probably tried kabab platters before, now try cheese platters. Breakfast here is a feast that you won’t forget.

6. Sara

It has come a long way from being a ladies only café but they still have managed to cling on to the homely vibes. Those vibes along with the many sweet and savory treats are what make this cozy place special.

5. Fatoor Faris

An ideal place for those looking for a traditional Middle Eastern breakfast. They do also serve a host of popular western breakfast dishes like pancakes and waffles. In short, this is the kind of place that you can go with people of varying tastes and be sure that they’ll love it.

4. iHop

The beautiful people at iHop know exactly what people want and that is… breakfast all day. So even if you wake up late during the weekends and still don’t want to miss out on egg benedicts and pancakes you can straightaway head to iHop.

3. Shobak

Try the pies here as every single one of them is made using a traditional wooden rolling pin. But the pies here aren’t purely traditional per se as they come with pretty modern toppings that will have you lusting for more.

2. American Corner

We all love American breakfasts, so which better place to go to than American Corner. You might want to loosen your belt and knuckle down for this serious meal.

1. Maison De Zaid

The food here is so grammable that your feed is bound to get more beautiful the moment you visit the place. It’s almost like every dish is a piece of art that just kind of makes them even more irresistible. The mini pancakes are bound to satiate all your sugary cravings.


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