The 9 Coolest Saudi Architectural Wonders That’ll Make Your Jaw Drop


There are many beautiful Saudi cities with the most breathtaking skylines. Saudi’s architectural wonders, from mosques to skyscrapers, museums and commercial spots show just how modern and diverse this country really is.

The many jaw-dropping buildings have been designed by some world-renowned architects and some will even break records — the planned Jeddah Tower is expected to be the tallest building in the world!

Here are 9 of the coolest Saudi architectural wonders that you’ve got to see for yourself:

9. Public Investment Fund Tower, Riyadh

This multi-faceted skyscraper stands 385 meters high, making it the tallest building in Riyadh and is the focal point of King Abdullah Financial District. Check out the cool hexagonal shape which was designed to “reflect timelessness and openness.”

8. King Fahad National Library, Riyadh

This library proves it’s not only skyscrapers that can be stunning and sophisticated. Surrounded by countless eye-catching awnings that give this simple cubical building a totally interesting look, the details of this building make it a photographers dream.


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7. Al Faisaliyah Center, Riyadh

This was one of the earliest skyscrapers in Saudi. A unique-looking building with four triangular-shaped sides, the pinnacle of the structure is a golden sphere which seems to float toward the top of the building. Be sure to check out from the 360 degree views from the sphere, which also has a restaurant.


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6. King Abdullah Financial District Mosque, Riyadh

Surrounded by towering skyscrapers in the King Abdullah Financial District, this mosque holds its own. Designed to be a “geometrical expression of a desert rose,” the stunning modern structure stands out and it’s as stunning on the inside as well.


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5. King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center, Riyadh

Made of interlocking hexagonal shapes, this structure is truly a sight to behold. Designed by renowned Zaha Hadid Architects, the interior of the building is also breathtaking.

4. Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower

Boasting the world’s largest clock face, the towering structure is a sight pilgrims can’t miss in the holy city of Makkah. It is the fifth tallest freestanding structure in the world. It looks even cooler at nighttime when it’s all lit up.

3. King Abdulaziz Center For World Culture, Dhahran

One of the most impressive architectural marvels in the Eastern Province, the cultural centre popularly known as Ithra, was just opened in 2018. The modern design has major futuristic vibes, don’t you think? The curved steel structure has a smooth appearance and is super cool when its lit up at night.


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2. Kingdom Centre, Riyadh

The gem of Riyadh’s dazzling skyline is none other than this patriotically-named high-rise. The gleaming structure dominates the cityscape with its unique u-shaped cutout and also offers a skybridge visitors can look down on the city from. Don’t forget to snap a selfie in front!

1. The Grand Mosque, Makkah

Without a doubt, the greatest Saudi architectural wonder, Masjid Al-Haram has grown and been rebuilt throughout the centuries  and can now facilitate up to 4 million worshippers within the facility and grounds. It is the largest mosque in the world and the eight largest building in the world.

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