This Saudi Adventurer Was The First Saudi Female To Climb The Seven Summits


Raha Moharrak started climbing with no experience at Mount Kilimanjaro in 2013 and has since gone on to becoming the first Saudi female to succeed in climbing the seven summits. 

After that, she got addicted to mountains. And did Everest Base Camp a few months later. Then, a year later, she trained to attempt a summit of Everest. A year later, she crossed the summit. 

Born in Jeddah in 1986, she became the youngest Arab and the first Saudi woman to conquer Mount Everest. 

This summer, a couple of years later, she completed the Seven Summits by climbing Denali, the highest peak in North America.  

When asked why she was motivated to do this, she replied:

This video shows how dangerous it got up on the mountains on her last summit in Denali 

‘I climb because I believe I can’

“I climb because I believe I can, I never really cared about being first youngest or making history I would have still climbed had I been the hundredth oldest anonymous, all I wanted was to prove to myself that I could attempt the impossible and maybe even achieve it, those windy days above the clouds I stood shoulder to shoulder with my opposite gender an equal forever proving that we are capable of wonders we just need to be brave enough to dream them, to a determined heart nothing is impossible, even for a Saudi woman to touch the sky.”

Here she is preparing to summit Denali

‘I already miss that drive that kept me going for so long.’

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As I painfully took off my boots and stared at my black and blue toes with an exhausted face and a battered body, I felt a sense of sadness at the realisation that my four year quest for the seven was over, such a bittersweet moment, I never imagined I would miss wanting something this badly. It’s so ironic isn’t it, that at the same moment, I could feel both happiness and sadness for finally fulfilling my dream. Perhaps it’s the exhaustion, but I felt vulnerable at that moment. I already miss that drive that kept me going for so long. But I’m comforted by the belief that I will forever be wild at heart no matter how many mountains I climb or expeditions I go on, because the truth is, it was never really about the mountain, it was always an inward battle that manifested into my love of adventures, I think the legendary Sir Edmund Hillary says it perfectly “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves”. #sevensummits #alaska #denali #climbing #everest #ineedashower

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