You Can Learn New Skills And Hobbies In Jeddah Simply By Downloading This App


There’s a mobile app in Jeddah that’s going to relieve you of boring weekends or long holidays that’s monotonous and routine-filled.

The app, Suplifter, developed by a Saudi local Fadi Yahya is one that helps residents within a community find people who’ll teach them new skills or hobbies.

The app works by helping connect people to local experts or coaches

Suplift is a platform that helps those who want to take up a new hobby or learn skills to find and connect with experts in their area who teach or mentor them.

Let’s say, for example, you want to lean to play the guitar or story-writing- Suplift allows you to choose your mentor using the app and give more detail on the classes in their cities.

Other peeps in the user’s area who are interested in the same classes are also another added factor- learning with like-minded people in ones’ community.

There’s a range of hobbies and skills available on the app

Considering the app was only launched in 2016, there’s a lot of categories and new skills for residents to choose from.

Some of those include: film making, makeup, diving, knitting, playing the piano, creative writing, public speaking and more. The rest of the list can be found here.

Most classes are available in Jeddah (for the moment)

At the moment, most of them are in Jeddah but who knows where the app will go in a few months?

Having an app like this be available to the rest of the Kingdom would be totally convenient.


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