5 Traffic Fines Everyone Should Know About When Driving In Saudi Arabia

5 Traffic Fines Everyone Should Know About When Driving In Saudi Arabia

The last thing you’d want is to have a hefty fine on your record and this list is here to help keep you away from that

Saudi Arabia’s traffic rules are quite strict as the number of accidents had increased in the past few years. Due to the negligence of certain protocols, the Kingdom has placed a large sum of fines for many traffic violations, that you should definitely know about. Read through to see which one you might accidentally be doing, to avoid the hefty payments!

1. 300-500 SAR for eating/drinking while driving

Eating and drinking in the car can actually be a very risky thing to do, especially when doing both. It’s extremely risky to have both your hands occupied while driving the vehicle, which can result in dangerous accidents. Therefore the Ministry of Interior has placed this hefty fine for drivers eating or drinking in the car.

2. 300-500 SAR for overtaking a bus while they stop to load/unload

The roads of Saudi Arabia consist of quite the number of busses carrying people, things, school kids, and more. As the vehicles must drive at a slower speed due to their size, one MUST stop to give them space to unload/load their vehicle. If caught overtaking the bus, you can get fined 300 to 500 SAR for the act.

3. 300-500 SAR for not giving way to a VIP or emergency vehicle

Emergency vehicles are on a very time-sensitive schedule when trying to make a move on the roads of Saudi Arabia. You actually could be saving someone’s life if you simply move out of the way, as SOON as you hear the siren. VIP vehicles also require certain protocol for safety measures, and must also be given way on the roads. If caught not giving way, one will face fines ranging from 300-500 SAR.

4. 100-150 SAR for jumping off a moving vehicle

Not only does this dangerous act put your life in danger, but it may also cause the driver to get distracted and result in a severe accident. Therefore, this risky act has a fine of 300-500 SAR.

5. 100-150 SAR for parking in special needs spot (when not officially in that category)

This unfortunately happens quite a lot in the Kingdom, as the special needs parking is usually near the entrance. Due to this ignorance, the Ministry of Interior has placed a fine ranging from 100-150 for every parking violation, for those who don’t qualify for the special needs category.

For more information on fines and the different categories, click here.

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