A Saudi Man Tried To Have Is Daughter Married For A Second Time But Ended Up Getting Arrested


A Saudi father is being questioned for violating Islamic Shariah laws on marriages by having his daughter be married to two different men at the same time. 

According to Gulf News and Okaz, the first husband had married the man’s daughter and lived with her for two months before she moved to his family’s home. The first husband found out shortly, however, that his wife had re-married to someone else. 

Just when you thought the story couldn’t get any more odd.. 

The husband reportedly managed to speak to the second husband, who confirmed that the lady’s father had given his blessings for the union. The father even told the new husband that he was the first to marry her. 

The Public Prosecution (located in Jeddah) says the father should be punished for his actions

…which were a clear ‘breach of ethics’, according to Gulf News. The two husbands have filed a lawsuit against the bride’s father, and the father’s response to it is that the first husband wanted to divorce but had forgotten to apply for the divorce papers. 

Financial issues were another misunderstanding, reportedly, between the first husband and the father which led to his actions.


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