A Man Was Arrested In Mecca After Posting A Video With His Female Colleague At The Office


A viral video has caused rupture on Twitter, eventually leading to a trending Twitter hashtag #مصري_يفطر_مع_سعوديه (Egyptian man having breakfast with Saudi woman).

The video shows a man seemingly discussing breakfast with his Saudi female colleague in an office setting, and proceeding to show the food for a brief few seconds.

Shortly after, the authorities announced having arrested the Egyptian man.

After the video was shared, the Saudi Ministry of Labor and Social Development intervened

In an official statement shared via Twitter, the Saudi Ministry of Labor and Social Development stated that the man in the video has been arrested in Jeddah.

The statement further added that the company’s owner was called for to investigate the violation of women’s working conditions in within the company.

A lot of Tweeps were seemingly confused about the arrest

Others saw no fault in the video

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