A Saudi Father Has Gained Full Custody Of His Twins After His Ex-Wife Recorded Herself Abusing Them


The Ministry of Labor and Social Development took out the two babies who were in their mother’s care following a viral video of her abusing them was released online.

According to Saudi Gazette, the father of the two twins have now been granted full custody of the seven-month-old twins after the mother had been arrested.

The brutal video led to the arrest of the mother

The ministry, according to SG, then took the twins to a hospital in Jeddah for a medical check-up. In the horrendous video, the mother was seen choking one of the children until their face turned pale. The other baby was then thrown to the ground.

Officials then handed the twins to the custody of their father’s relative. The father now has full custody of the two babies, Joury and Joud, and mentioned to SG that he had divorced their mother.

The father mentioned that the wife’s doings was in retaliation of him divorcing her.

(Image Credits: Okaz)

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People on social media have also asked about adopting the girls

The father had also responded to requests from social media users and said,”I am not letting go of my daughters. If those people really want to help, then they can help provide for them and help me make them a safe and stable home.”


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