A Saudi Man Is Offering SR1 Million For Leads On His Missing Brother


Turki Al-Dosari has been missing for five weeks now under suspicious circumstances.

In a last-ditch effort to find his brother, Faisal Al Dosari is offering a SR 1 million cash prize in exchange for any information that may be used to find him.

Al Dosari said: “We have lost contact with my brother since August 2, when he went to Al Shumaisi Hospital to pick up a foreign resident on his sponsorship, but since then he has never been seen, although his car and personal belongings were found there.”

The hunt to find Al Dosari has still not led to any great leads, this is despite the fact that the family has posted his photo on social media.

He said, “My brother was not the kind of person who would go somewhere without telling his family where he was going and what he would be doing.”

He urged everyone in the Kingdom to get in touch with him at 0555556592 or 0555101850 if they had any information that might help locate his brother, or to go to the closest police station.


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