A Supermoon Is Visible From Saudi Arabia Right Now So Head To Your Balconies ASAP


Supermoon basically occurs when the moon is at its closest point to Earth.

According to Al Bilad Daily English, the supermoon will be visible in the skies of Saudi Arabia and the Arab region and peak from sunset on Monday until sunrise on Tuesday.

“The supermoon will look bigger in size by up to 14 percent and brighter by 30 percent compared with the smallest full moon which will happen in July,” said Jeddah Astronomy Society chairman Majid Abu Zaher.

A supermoon can be up to 30 times brighter than a typical full moon.

In fact, January will have two supermoons. And when two supermoons occur in a single month, the second one is called a blue moon. You know that saying “Once in a blue moon” well you are probably going to witness that later this month.

 Supermoons are normally shown in those werewolf movies. Hence, it is even called Wolf Moon by some.They probably use CGI to show it in the movies though. If you look out your window now you can see how it looks like for real.


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