After Almost 18 Months Worshippers In Makkah’s Grand Mosque Pray Shoulder To Shoulder


Several coronavirus related restrictions have been lifted today. One of such restrictions was the cap on number of daily worshippers allowed in the Two Holy Mosques. Today, that restriction was abolished, as was the requirement to maintain a social distance during prayers.

It’s been over 18 months since these coronavirus-related restrictions were implemented.


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This was a sight that has been shared widely on the internet. For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic hit last year, it showed individuals praying shoulder to shoulder in straight rows of worshipers, a configuration revered in prayer for Muslims.


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While social distancing norms have been dropped in the Two Holy Mosques, masks are still mandatory and only those vaccinated are allowed entry.

Seeing the progress that Saudi Arabia has achieved in batting the pandemic, it may not be long until pilgrims from all over the globe begin to visit the country in the numbers that were the norm prior to COVID-19.


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