After Riyadh And Jeddah Cinemas Are Coming To This Small Saudi City Next


Riyadh and Jeddah both have multiple cinema chains already operating with several lined up to open soon. But before cinemas spread to other big cities of the country, this small Saudi city will get its own cinema.

The Saudi city that we’re talking about is Dawadimi. It is located some 300 km away from Riyadh.

As per the last census conducted in Dawadimi, it had a population of just over 50,000.

Here in Saudi, we don’t have a shortage of malls and it is at the malls where our cinemas are located. In Dawadimi too, the cinema will be coming up in a mall called the Al Makan Mall.

And, it isn’t just any cinema chain that is coming to Dawadimi it is, in fact, major American cinema chain AMC that will be setting up shop in the city.


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