Apple Stores Are Soon-To-Open In The Kingdom And They’re ALREADY Starting To Hire


Everyone’s excited for Apple Stores to finally enter the Kingdom (long overdue) and it seems the wait won’t have to be as long as announced. But now, there’s finally proof to finally seal this deal as the Apple store itself listed down job offers on their official website for prospective employees in the Kingdom.

That’s right.

Originally, there had been talks that Apple stores were to launch in Saudi by 2019, following the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s meet-up with Apple’s Tim Cook.

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The two met in Cupertino, as part of MBS’ global tour wherein they discussed the launch of a maiden Apple store in Saudi. Talks about allowing mixed genders to work within the same vicinity at the popular store also surfaced the web, just five months ago.

The first reported Apple store was already discovered at the Riyadh Airport

Saudi Arabia’s first official Apple store opened up inside the new Terminal 5 at the King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh. The opening of the anticipated store took place on July 25, when it first opened to the public.

There are 15 jobs currently available via Apple’s official website

Most of the job offers currently listed on the site require people in sales or to work as Apple Solutions Consultants. The majority of positions being offered are based in what seems to be the Riyadh Apple store, however; job roles in Dammam, Dhahran, Makkah and Jeddah are also hiring.

The page is currently allowing resumés to be sent in by just logging in with an Apple ID username and password.

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