Brace Yourselves: WWE Is Making A Return To Saudi In November But In A Completely Different City


(Image Creds: Social Media/@officialwwearabic)

This is no drill. WWE is reportedly coming back to the Kingdom in November but this time in a different city.

We know a lot of people were trying to get tickets to the sold-out Greatest Royal Rumble event in Jeddah last week. So this might come as good news to y’all.

The next event will be in Riyadh

Yes Riyadhis, it is now your turn to witness your favorite wrestlers all in one place. The next WWE event, no further information released yet, will take place in Saudi’s capital. 

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The Greatest Royal Rumble event was a massive hit with the masses 

Residents tweeted from their seats at the event site, and from their home couches- all praising the entertaining match. 

They were filled with pride and joy

“This is my city”

“What a night”

John Cena was warmly welcomed too

The hype is back on!

Almost six months (fingers crossed) until the next WWE event returns to the Kingdom. These events by the WWE are in partnership with Saudi’s General Entertainment Authority to boost Saudi’s economy by 2030, with the entertainment sector as one of its main components. 

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