Boxing Champ Floyd Mayweather Made A Surprise Visit To Al Ula After Watching The Italian Supercup


Among the 60,000 people who watched the Juventus win the Italian Supercup title vs. AC Milan in Jeddah, was five-time world boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather.

But, no one puts baby (Saudi) in a corner and the professional boxer did not miss the opportunity to check out the winter festival in Al-Ula everyone’s been DYING to visit.

Mayweather went sightseeing in Al-Ula days after the match

The Winter at Tantora team ensured that the boxer be well-informed and not miss any of Al-Ula’s greatness.

He took a helicopter ride above the sites at Mada’in Saleh, then proceeded to take photos in front of the rock formation itself.

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