Google Is Celebrating The Birthday Of A Legendary Saudi Musician And Composer


In case you missed it, Google Doodle is celebrating the 78th birth of the late Talal Maddah.

August 5 marks the birthdate of the legendary singer and composer who left his mark as “The Earth’s Voice”, a term his fans usually used to describe his musical abilities.

His music is known for positively influencing the Arabian culture in the 20th century

Maddah’s career spanned almost 50 years wherein he composed thousands of songs. One of his first hit singles, called Maqadir, known as the first-ever Hijazi region.

According to The National, Maddah was so well-known across not just the Kingdom but the Arab world. He often performed in Egypt, Lebanon and other neighboring countries.

Maddah passed away due to a heart attack, soon after he introduced one of his famous songs on stage. His funeral was held in Jeddah and he was buried in the Kingdom’s holy city of Makkah.

The Google Doodle tribute is being recognised by Saudi fans on Twitter

Thanks to the Google homepage photo, even the younger generation are being reintroduced to him.

Talal Maddah is being remembered by those who knew his music


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