Now Jeddah Has A Women-Only Car Showroom


Before women are officially allowed to drive in the Kingdom, a car showroom catering to females only has popped up in Jeddah.

According to The National, the showroom has opened in Le Mall in Jeddah.

The store aims to allow women the freedom to own cars before they can drive on the roads. The cars that are being sold in the showroom are by a number of manufacturers. And, the salespersons that will sell the cars to customers are women. In fact, the entire staff of the showroom are women.

Pink, orange and yellow balloons hung around the mall’s showroom as women posed for photos and selfies in front of vehicles during the opening.

The company that started this showroom has plans for several other women-only showrooms in the country.

The showroom carried signs embellished with the slogan “Drive and Shop”, using the female form of the verbs in Arabic.

This comes after a historic decision by King Salman that gave Saudi women the right to drive. The decision will take effect five months from now.



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