Saudi Arabia Has The Most Active Snapchat Users In The World And No Country Even Comes Close


Open Snapchat and check out the world map, there won’t be a single time when Riyadh and Jeddah won’t be buzzing out a heat spot due to the number of snaps being posted from the two cities regardless of the time of the day.

According to Oxy, there are currently 9 million active Snapchat users in Saudi Arabia, which mark a 30% increase since last year.

Residents of the Jeddah and Riyadh used their cameras around 40 times a day and spend almost 35 minutes daily browsing snaps.

The global average stands at users using the cameras 25 times a day and browsing snaps for half an hour.

As per a survey of 16 countries by Ampere Analysis, they have concluded that “more than a third of Saudi respondents say they use snapchat video, making it the highest market adoption of snapchat by any major nation.”

Snap is also expected to capitalize on this interest shown by Saudi residents for the app as they are planning to open an office in the country and enter into a contract with Saudi based MiSK Foundation to empower Saudi citizens.


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