The King Of Saudi Just Issued A New Law That Gives Women The Right To Be Their Own Guardians


Women in The Kingdom of Suadi Arabia (KSA) no longer need to receive permission from their guardians to receive services. A new decree has been issued by King Salam. This comes after a recommendation from the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to resolve issues related to human rights.

The male guardianship has been abused 

“This (male guardianship) has always been an obstacle to women and demeaning because unfortunately some guardians abused their authority over women and took advantage.. (a woman can be) her own guardian and take care of her official matters… without the need for the approval of the guardian” 

Maha Akeel, director of the public information and communication for the Jeddah-based Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). (Via Arab News)

The new decree effectively means that male guardianship has been lifted.

A report in Arab News (one of the largest English newspapers in KSA) says that “Shariah law does not necessitate male guardianship of women because we are perfectly competent,”

KSA has a strategic Vision 2030 and one of the steps included involves the increasing of women in the workplace as a percentage from 23% to 30%. 


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