The Kingdom Is Going All Out For The UAE’s National Day With A Myriad Of Next-Level Greetings


It’s the UAE’s 47th National Day today (Sunday) and it seems like the Kingdom already has so many events lined up to commemorate it.

It’s no surprise how close the union is between the two great Gulf nations but every year, the celebrations of one another’s National Day just keep getting better and better.

Here’s how Saudis are celebrating the UAE’s 47th year into its fruitful combination of the seven Emirates.

Ithra, a cultural centre in Dhahran, has organised a public program that lasted three days

In coordination with the UAE Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development, the Aramco-owned, Ithra, will have a series of activities to be conducted in its premises within the next three days.

There’s been a display of its flag reflected onto Ithra’s exterior structure, art competitions, live performances and so so much more.

(P.S. Today’s the last day, in case you were thinking of going, there’s still a chance!)

Celebratory billboards are all over the Kingdom’s busiest streets

Totally casual.

Emiratis arriving at the King Khalid International Airport (KKIA) in Riyadh were warmly welcomed with UAE sashes and chocolates

So adorbs.

Jeddah’s main roads and roundabouts were also adorned with flags and congratulatory messages

And, of course, Riyadh’s Kingdom Centre joined in on the brotherly unity

It’s truly something else to witness the closeness between UAE and Saudi, its leaders and citizens too

A long, historic friendship that only continues to grow stronger and stronger.

Saudis on Twitter are extending their love and admiration for the UAE on this special day

With many using the two nation’s slogan ‘Together Forever’ to further exemplify its relationship


And from Lovin Saudi to every Emirati in this country, this region and the world- a very Happy 47th National Day to you.


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